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Bold Shopify Theme
Bold Shopify Theme
Bold Shopify Theme

Bold Shopify Theme


The ultimate Shopify theme for people getting started. Build your business with performance, mobile responsiveness, and tons of design and layout options.

Released March 1, 2017
Current Version: V1.1.4 (updated October 11th, 2020)

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Learn more about the features this theme has to offer.

Eye-catching modern design

Stand out by giving your customers the satisfaction of a clean flowing modern design as they browse your store. We've used this theme on personal stores that have scaled to extreme amounts. This theme has been battle tested, customers love it.

Speed & Performance

This theme was optimized for mobile performance and will give your customers the satisfaction of quickly loaded pages with a clean modern design.

Mobile Friendly

With today's market, a significant amount of customers through on mobile. When it comes to checkout, this theme has proven to flow easy and fast for users while on mobile.

Super Flexible Sections

We made it extremely easy for you to choose which sections you want displayed on your desktop version, mobile version, or both!

Promotion Bar & Top Menu

Display special sales or promotions at the top of your website or include a menu linking customers to specific deals or collections.

Parallax Call To Action Section

Make your call to actions stand out more and catch your visitors attention by using the parallax effect on call to actions.

Email Capture Popup

Have customers sign up to your email list when they arrive on your site. This can turn lost visitors into paying customers.

Newsletter Signup Section

Give visitors a special offer for their email and turn them into a long-term customer.

Featured Video Section

Have videos of your products? Connect with your customers and visitors on another level using our section to implement videos.

Benefits Section

It's proven that showing benefits like free shipping, 24/7 support, and other benefits will increase your conversion rate. Luckily for you, we have this feature as a section to make it easy to implement and move around.

Social Sharing

We made it easy to include your social channels and allow users to share your store and products with friends or family.

Trust Badges

Add your own trust badges without worrying about paying monthly for an app that will slow your store down.

Size & Color Swatches

Give your store a more custom look by using Size & Color Swatches. These are perfect for clothing stores and a lot of other scenarios.

Limited Stock Bar

Use the limited stock bar on your product page to increase the scarcity and urgency effect to boost your conversion rate.

Engraving Option

Track engravings on each order with this feature turned on. This is great for jewelry and other print on demand websites.

Easily Show Savings

Visitors may be interested in their dollars saved instead of percentage, we made it easy for you to show them percentage saved, dollar saved or both.

Size Chart

It's been proven that Size Charts increase your conversion rate with a clothing store. We made it easy for you to select your sizing chart page and display it on the product page.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns is another common piece of information visitors/buyers are looking for. We made it easy for you to include your page and display it on the product page.

Collection Page Filtering

AJAX technology allows customers to rapidly and responsively filter and sort products on collection pages.

Predictive Live Search

Improve discoverability and accelerate conversions with fast, dynamic search results for products and content.

Questions & Answers

Get answers to common questions about this theme.

Easy! We'll email you a zip file, which you van upload via the "Online Store" section fo your shopify admin. Simply click "Upload theme" and it will be there for you to customize, preview, and publish when you're ready.
Once the theme is installed you can go to "Customize" and start adding new sections or editing existing pages. If you get lost along the way you can reference our documentation page here.
Yes! We can help you get set up and familiarize yourself with the Bold Shopify Theme. If you have any specific feature requests we can also send you a free estimate. To get a free estimate you can reach out to us here on our Facebook page